SAVE THE DATE: June 19, 2021!
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For 2021 we are changing things up. For starters, each category will have their own start wave – all canoes will start together, all SUPs will start together, all kayaks, etc.  The portage has been shortened significantly. This will make the exit and entrance strategy all the more important! To finish, the first one to shore and across the finish line with their boat – wins. There will be designated prizes for each respective category, the first competitor to grab the prize wins. You must finish with your boat in hand to claim your prize.


Solo Canoe

Exactly what it sounds like –  a canoe, a person and a 1 bladed paddle. You will paddle and portage all by yourself. There will be a designated start for all M/F solo canoe participants with each vying for their own award.

Team Canoe

This category is for social people who want the help of a teammate to paddle and portage. Each canoe must have 2 people. There will be 1 designated start for all team canoe participants however there will be different age/gender categories within the team canoe division.

Team canoe division have the following category options to choose from when registering:

  • Canoe Team Elite Racing – This open, racing wave is for everyone in it to win it. .
  • Racing Groups by Gender/Age:
    • Open Combined ages 100+
    • Open Combined ages 70-99
    • Open Combined ages 0-69
    • Women’s Combined ages 60+
    • Women’s Combined ages 0-59
    • Adult and Child (14 and under)

Stand-Up Paddleboard

This is the category for those with circus caliber balance. Participants  will use a board and a 1 bladed paddle to navigate the water. You will paddle and portage all by yourself. There will be a designated start for all M/F SUP participants with each going for their own award.

  • SUP Mass Start – This open wave is for those looking to have fun and enjoy any quirky twists that may be thrown at them.

Kayak Participant Information

Those participating in a kayak have the followingwave/category options to choose from upon registering:

  • Mass Start – This open wave is for those looking to have fun and enjoy anywaves or twists that may be thrown at them.

Portage Specific Rules

All participants must portage their own canoe, kayak or SUP.

The goal is to have fun and not have the portage be a deterrent so you may use straps or wheels.

Canoe Rental Information

Canoe rentals from WI River Outings include:

  • Wenonah Canoe Royalex Adirondack- 16’ long, 36” wide, 60 lbs, flat, stable bottom, comfortable nylon web seats
  • 2 Adult 3-Buckle Life Vests
  • 2 Paddles

Please note: if you need a vest for someone under 70 lbs, bring your own US Coast Guard approved vest.

Boats are designed to hold 2 participants only. No exceptions.

Canoes may be rented during the registration process. Paddlers with rentals will receive a coupon in their bib packet to redeem for their canoe the morning of the race. Canoes are first come, first served. To ensure availability, we recommend reserving your canoe prior to race day.

Additional Canoe, Kayak, & SUP Rental Options

Rutabaga Paddle Sports, 1-800-I-PADDLE (800-472-3353)

Additional rules and info:

  • Wisconsin Life Jacket Laws
  • Coast Guard approved life jackets must be worn by all competitors in the manner with which they were designed at all times the watercraft is in the water.
  • Paddle & Portage participants must obey safety and traffic directions of race officials and police throughout the race.
  • S. Canoe Association rules do not apply.
  • No more than 2 people per canoe allowed
  • Double-bladed paddles are allowed for kayakers only. (No exceptions)
  • Inappropriately discarding gear or trash along the course will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  • All racers must complete the race within 1 hour 45 minutes to be counted in the official results.

Costume Contest

Paddlers are encouraged to dress up for the l Paddle & Portage costume contest. Participants will receive recognition on social media and be eligible for other cool awards and gifts.

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